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1. PLoP

Harddisk install using the Windows boot menu (2K, XP and VISTA)

created : 2010-01-26   updated : 2010-01-26
Download the file and extract it.
  • Create a directory like c:\plop. You can use any directory you want.

  • Copy and plpgenbtldr.exe to your c:\plop directory.

  • Rename to plpbt.bin.

    (Noted : For the first trial, I didn't do the rename part, since I found plpbt.bin already existed, it worked but it was not the installtion program. To save change, you have to used the plpcfgbt tools)

  • As administrator/with administrator rights open a command shell and change to c:\plop

  • Then start plpgenbtldr
    This program searches for the file plpbt.bin In the current directory.
    plpgenbtldr generates the file plpbtldr.bin.

  • Adding to the boot menu. Windows 2K and XP is different to Windows VISTA

    • Windows 2K, XP

      add the line below to your c:\boot.ini

      (before editing, attrib -s -h -r boot.ini)

      (after editing, attrib +s +h +r boot.ini)

      (sample boot.ini)

      c:\plop\plpbtldr.bin="Install PLoP Boot Manager"
    • Windows VISTA

      open notepad as administrator and create a file c:\boot.ini
      add those lines

      [boot loader]
      [operating systems]
      c:\plop\plpbtldr.bin="Install PLoP Boot Manager"

      Thanks to tri_zet for this info

    [My Notes :]
    Sample boot.ini
    [boot loader]
    [operating systems]
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect
    c:\plop\plpbtldr.bin="PLoP Boot Manager"

    Now you should be able to install the PLoP Boot Manager from your Windows boot menu to your harddisk.


    plpbt.bin must not be fragmeted! Use contig to take care, that plpbt.bin is not fragmented.